Welcome to Amphora’s Technical Blog

As a company, Amphora’s main focus is on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for scientists, so historically our blogging efforts have focused on the ELN industry or Amphora corporate stuff.

We like most technies benefit greatly from the free Technical resources out there – Open Source software, other people’s blogs, Google etc. If I compare how I can work today to when I started working in Software Development (and I’m not that old, I promise!), the ability to just type an error message into Google saves me hours every week.

The question is, how can we participate in this, to give something back? We’ve tried a variety of solutions:

  • Personal blogs, but none of us really have the time or inclination to keep one going.
  • A Wiki where we were going to write interesting stuff up, which never really got populated because it was too much work.

We think a blog might work, and if we use a shared one then individuals can just add stuff as they feel moved to and not have to feel pressured to write to meet an audience’s expectations.

The material here won’t fit well on our other blogs, which are more ELN-related. So we’ve created this blog, where our techies can just contribute back tot he community we’ve benefitted so much from. I don’t have high expectations in terms of influence or regular readership, and clearly we’ll have to keep an eye on the competitive issues!

Our hope is that if we spend an hour figuring something out, instead of writing it up internally, we can put it here – and one day someone will themselves Google for a problem, find a post here which helps, and be on their way.