“Clean in Business” Google+ Community

Following on from the interest in the Clean Language presentation, We’ve started a Google+ group for Clean Language in Business which people might be interested in https://plus.google.com/communities/100438077387632793745

Notably I’ve got some of my colleagues to join, so if you’ve got specific questions about what we do, it should get perspectives from people other than just me. Which I think is important.

In case you are wondering why a new group, and why Google+? I’m no Google fan, but I do know people dislike using Facebook for work stuff – and indeed some people are very anti-Facebook and won’t use it. But most people have Google+ either personally or through work.

In addition, most of our people view LinkedIn as primarily a Sales tool or a job hunting tool. Some of us are at the limit of the number of Groups we can be a member of.

So Google+ seemed a good option. I’ve no idea what will happen but I figured if we were going to be more public about things Google+ was the place to try.

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